Handsome Brook Farm

Franklin, NY

Handsome Brook Farm is America’s leader in organic pasture raised eggs. Handsome Brook hens forage outside on lush pastures and are provided with more than 108 square feet of pasture per hen, meeting the American Humane Association’s animal welfare standard.  The resulting process is better for the farmer, the hen, the earth and the consumer and produces a more delicious, more nutritious, more humane egg.

Handsome Brook Farm was founded in 2007 by Betsy & Bryan Babcock at their farm-stay B&B in Franklin, NY with a flock of 5 hens. Almost immediately, guests started to praise the high quality and exceptional taste of their eggs. Soon, they realized the difference in quality came from the lifestyle of their hens and they began collecting similarly raised back yard eggs from their neighbors and selling them to local stores.        

As demand grew, Handsome Brook Farm built a network of small farms in the local Amish and Mennonite community. From this perch, the company hatched its core values: ethical treatment of animals, fair treatment of farmers, affordable pricing and sustainable agriculture. These principles remain critical to the company today.

Today, the company’s farm network to includes more than 65 small family farms from New York to Oklahoma. Handsome Brook Farm is now the number one organic pasture raised egg in the U.S. and is available at more than 3,500 points of sale nationally, including Kroger, Publix, and Sprouts.


  • Country: United States