Heartland Meats, Inc

Mendota, IL

Heartland Meats is family owned and operated cattle operation, as well as a century-old grain farm in rural Mendota, Illinois.

The owner's great grandfather, John Sondgeroth, established the farm in 1903. His grandfather, Charles, and father Robert, continued to build and improve the farm over the years. John and Pat Sondgeroth have been farming since 1978 and have been operating the family farm since 1987. In order to diversify the 21st century farm, Heartland Meats has chosen to raise and process a specialty beef called Piedmontese.

Happy CowsThe Piedmontese cattle breed emerged from Piedmont, Italy, the alpine region which is a secluded pocket, naturally protected by the Alps. Two breeds of cattle, Aurochs and Zebu, through natural selection, have evolved over the centuries to become the Piedmontese breed - Italy’s number one beef breed. In the early 1980’s the first Piedmontese were introduced to North America. Because of America’s desire to lower its total fat content in their diets, the Piedmontese Beef has been an increasingly popular option for many. The combination of naturally lean meat with a tender texture and remarkable flavor in many ways far out-paces competing breeds.

Heartland Meats sells its beef directly to you, fresh frozen. To do this, they own a federally inspected processing plant south of Mendota, where they process only their beef. It is done under U.S.D.A. inspections, which means there is a federal inspector inspecting the plant daily. Heartland Meats products carry a federal label stating that the meat is "All Natural" and "Raised Without the Use of Added Hormones."

Heartland Meats are also available at select markets in the Illinois and Wisconsin areas as well as by ordering on line at www.heartlandmeats.com