Red Barn Family Farms

Appleton, WI

Eight family dairy farms in Wisconsin make up the Red Barn Family Farms brand, which was founded in 2008. Its founder, Dr. Terry Homan, started Red Barn after working for 12 years as a veterinarian in rural Wisconsin. He believes that there should be transparency in how milk on store shelves is produced - from the feed to the sale.

Red Barn selected each of the farms in their “family” for its ability to meet strict standards, called “The Red Barn Rules.” The rules ensure that every cow demonstrates excellence in health and quality of milk. Each farm must also pass an inspection by American Humane. This ensure consumers that the cows are treated humanely and that the milk is produced without using the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone rBST.
The quality and taste of the milk is the result of the production style of the family farms from which it comes. The Red Barn Family Farms line of milk products is bottled at Lamers Dairy, a small, family-owned bottling plant in Appleton, Wis.


rb edun logo

Red Barn Family Farms recently unveiled Edun, its New Zealand -style raw milk cheddar cheese

Red Barn Family Farms is proud to announce that its premium white cheddar cheeses won both "Best in Class" and 2nd Place in the Bandaged Cheddar category at the U.S. Championship Cheese Contest in Green Bay on Wednesday, March 9, 2011. Red Barn Family Farms competed against cheesemakers from across the United States. Out of 100 possible points, Red Barn Heritage Weis White Cheddar Reserve received a score of 99.50 for "Best in Class", and Red Barn Heritage Weis received a score of 99.35 for 2nd place.

The Red Barn products - skim (nonfat) milk, 2% reduced-fat milk and whole milk - are available in Milwaukee.