Rumiano Cheese Company

Crescent City, CA

American Humane certification is a natural fit for Rumiano Cheese Company’s organic line of cheeses. For more than 85 years, the Rumiano family has placed as much importance on treating its cows humanely as producing its signature products. Located along the scenic Northern California coast in Crescent City, the company receives its milk from independent, third- and fourth-generation dairy farmers whose untethered Jersey cows graze year-round in the mild region’s lush pastures. Rumiano ensures that these cows never receive artificial hormones. In addition, the company has given cleanliness and quality bonuses to suppliers since the 1970s, rewarding those who produce the highest-quality milk.

Rumiano Cheese Company was founded in 1921 by three brothers whose legacy of quality and commitment to humane practices has been passed down through multiple generations. The company currently manufactures a wide range of cheeses, from dry Monterey jack and pepper jack to different types of cheddar. All of the dairy farms that supply milk for the company’s organic cheeses are also certified by American Humane.

Rumiano Cheese Company distributes its products under the Rumiano name as well as other labels, such as California Premium and Landmark. Rumiano distributes its cheeses both domestically and internationally. Consumers can find Rumiano’s cheeses in Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s, Albertson’s, Safeway, Raley’s, Sherms, Ray’s Food Place and Costco stores. The company also supplies many small specialty food stores and cooperatives.