Sunrise Acres

Hudsonville, Michigan

Sunrise Acres Egg Farms is a family owned and operated egg farm from Southwest Michigan. Sunrise was started in 1949 by Marvin Patmos who had a passion for farming, for taking good care of his hens, for doing things the right way, and good old fashion hard work.
Now over 65 years later and into the third generation of our family, we still operate with this same passionate mindset. We feel blessed and thankful we are able to continue our work to care for our hens, the land, and provide high quality eggs for communities to enjoy!
Our Process
Sunrise Acres strives to be fully sustainable. Our family farms a large percentage of the crops needed for the feed for our hens. We take these fresh crops and create our own all-natural, vegetarian, no hormone, or anti-biotic chicken feed at our Patmos Feed Mill, knowing that the diet to our hens is the most important aspect to her quality eggs!  
We receive and raise all of our baby chicks from when they are a day old. Our Grandfather Marvin always used to say “Taking good care of our hens is just the right thing to do.” We continue to believe strongly in our responsibility to care for our hens.
The eggs then produced from our hens are handled safely by our dedicated Sunrise Acresteam who wash, sanitize, grade, and package all of our eggs right here on our farm.
Lastly, we market and ship our hen’s eggs with our own Sunrise Acres truck fleet directly to our customer’s door. By controlling all aspects of egg production, we strive to produce and provide the highest quality eggs for the consumer!


  • Country: United States