Retailers & Foodservices

retailersFull animal welfare audits offer retailers and foodservice operators consistency, reliability, accountability and transparency. Consumers not only support the humane treatment of farm animals, research shows that it is a significant purchase driver.

Consumers believe that animals raised in good, healthy and stress free environments produce better quality, healthier and safer food. In essence, the American Humane Certified™ program verifies the social contract between the consumer, the producer and the retailer. It increases trust and decreases the risks associated with unaudited food sources.

The American Humane Association's certification program is based on an annual on-site audit of more than 200 science-based standards developed by veterinarians, animal scientists, and practitioners, and reviewed regularly by a renowned committee of international scientists.

Our independent auditors are ISO 9000 trained and are each specialists in their respective species. The public demand for humanely raised products is here now, and growing every day. Meeting that demand is smart business.

American Humane Association recently launched a survey to determine where consumers landed on the issue of humanely raised products. With over 2,600 survey participants, the results were fascinating:

  • 89% stated they were very concerned about farm animal welfare.
  • 34% stated that they were willing to pay 10-20% more for products that were labeled as humanely raised.
  • 74% stated they were willing to pay more for humanely raised meat, dairy and eggs.
  • The humanely raised label was ranked as the highest in importance over organic, natural and antibiotic free.

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Offering products with the American Humane Certified™ label is good for animals, good for consumers and good for business! Food safety and quality are directly linked to farm animal welfare by consumers. We ask you to proudly support farm animal welfare. It makes a powerful statement about who you are as a company and the way you do business by providing what your customers want: the American Humane Certified™ label on their selection of meat, dairy and eggs.